Songs From The Black Hole

The space opera that was never meant to be…

the rocket

Songs From The Black Hole (abbreviated SFTBH) is Weezer’s unfinished and unreleased album concept. It was a space themed rock-opera/musical written by Rivers Cuomo and is based on his rockstar apprehension at the time. Originally, it was written to be a follow up album to Weezer’s debut album, the Blue Album (1994). Even though the songs were written, demoed, and recorded, the concept was eventually scrapped. Some songs that were meant for SFTBH ended up on Weezer’s albums Pinkerton (1996) and Pinkerton Deluxe Edition (2010) as B-sides, such as “Tired of sex”, “Getchoo”, “I just threw out the love of my dreams”, and more…

UNOFFICIAL TRACK LIST BY “weezerfeetbdsmjesus” chlorine

1. Ooh

2. Blast off!

3. Who you callin bitch?

4. You won’t get with me tonight

5. Why bother

6. Oh Jonas

7. Please remember

8. Come to my pod

[“operation space opera: "Maria’s theme” snippet]

9. Oh no, this is not for me

10. Tired of sex


11. Superfriend

12. Waiting on you

[“operation space opera: "Maria’s theme” snippet]

13. Getchoo

14. I just threw out the love of my dreams


[“Love I’m searching for” ROTR snippet]

15. She’s had a girl

16. Dude, we’re finally landing

17. Getting up and leaving

18. Now I finally see

19. No other one

20. Devotion

21. What is this I find

22. Long time sunshine

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Draft 1
Draft 2

**fan made storyline has yet to be written…**